Sunday, August 24, 2008

Latest weird dream

The CSO and I are at a county fair. (CC loves county fairs.). We walk
around, get some ice cream, play some games, etc.

We're in the animal barns, and I notice that the animals look sort if
old and the barns are quite weatherbeaten. We turn around and the
animals have disappeared.

We go outside and see the fair aging and rotting away in front of us,
like Miss Havisham's wedding cake. Bits of cloth get increasingly
tattered, mildewed and torn. Wood wears away, sometimes rotting,
sometimes breaking. The carosel's roof falls down, expelling horses
out the sides.

He takes my hand, and we stand there, watching.

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LinguistFriend said...

You are observing the creation of the basic data of archaeology. It appears that you are standing in a parallel stream of time, while things age in this observed one in front of you. Considering place and objects in an x-y-z-t framework, if you had just walked away from the fair, x (and maybe y or z) would change with some moderate speed, while t (time) changed slowly. But in your dream, x-y-z are constant (slightly different) for the observed and observers both, while t for the observed system is speeded up and you are in a parallel slower temporal system.
When I was young, I would think of the x-y-z-t relations by
reducing space to two dimensions,
with x and y a horizontal plane, while t(ime) was vertical, so that one could include causal relations considered as predictable temporal sequence (Hume and Philipp Frank). That may be more easily done by someone who like me has no depth perception!

Anonymous said...

Is the world passing you by? Is our country's demise troubling you? Is your enjoyment of fairs dwindling? Are you worried about your family aging?

LinguistFriend said...

Or, in Kim's vein which is much more sensitive than mine, you may be thinking of your relation with the CSO as having great permanence.