Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, yeah, I did write that.

Some months ago, an old friend of mine who works in the PR department of my undergraduate school asked me to write a piece about the class I took over winter term where we all spent several weeks in India.

I had written a blog post about my India trip before, so I pulled it up, spent fifteen minutes reworking it and sent it off to her. When I got the alum magazine in the mail several months later, I flipped through it, didn't see me in it and assumed what I'd written had been too anecdotal or too weird or maybe my old professor didn't like it or what have you. I've been rejected by classier publications that the St. Andrews Alumni News, so I didn't think another thing of it.

I guess I missed it. Just got an email from someone I went to college with. She closed her email with "I screamed when I saw your story in the Alum mag! I LOVED what you wrote about the trip to India!"


So I pulled up the publication online and checked. Yep, I'm on page 5.

who also took the photograph that illustrates it and honestly has no idea how the PR office got a copy. Those PR folks are sneaky that way.

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