Friday, August 15, 2008

Against her better judgment, CC saw Mamma Mia

By myself, because the only person who wanted to see it was Cubit and she has been out of town.

I have to say that I agree with Peacebang's take pretty much fully.

I'd like to add that there was sufficient Christine Baranski. (I had been wondering about this.)

One note, as I watched the movie I was totally, TOTALLY, wanting Christine Baranski and Julie Walters to hook up. I was really hoping that "Take a Chance on Me" was being saved for that. How much cooler would that scene have been if it had been Christine Baranski walking across those tables toward Julie Walters?*


*I always do this. I'm such a Yenta for movie characters. I had high hopes for James Marsden and Queen Latifah in "Hairspray". There was chemistry there, kids.


ogre said...

May I say simply that I'm delighted that I didn't even feel a temptation to see it?

Anonymous said...

I went and saw it with my daughters and LOVED it. Why? Haven't the foggiest, but it was, well, FUN! And I just realized that that was MRs. Weasley! Am I right?

My girls loved it, too. And my mother went and saw it with a bunch of her "old lady friends" and she phoned me as soon as she got home to say she loved it, too.

Here's my take: if you go in knowing what it is, it is fun. If you go in thinking your going to get some sense of realism, well, you should spare yourself the $ for the ticket and go slam your head in a vise for a while--you'll have the same sensory experience.

And the villagers? my read on that was they were the greek chorus.

Chalicechick said...

When I was in India, I watched a Bollywood movie in Hindi with no subtitles called "Dil To Pagal Hai." You could more or less follow what was going on even without being able to understand the talking, and every once in awhile people would start dancing and singing for no apparent reason. It was great.

"Mamma Mia" was a lot like this. There were moments of absolute pure delight (dancing queen) and there were certainly songs that went on several verses too long.
("Winner takes all" in particular, particularly given what the movie has been hinting about Sam all along.)


epilonious said...

Dammit, I didn't see that chemistry between Corny and Maybelle... until you pointed it out.

I could totally see them having a separate movie full of mo'town romance.

Chalicechick said...

I was helped along by having read a really excellent bit of fanfic on the subject, but yeah, once I was looking for the chemistry, it was absolutely there.