Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stolen from the SmartCar Forums

I have wondered if my love of my smartcar comes from having an adult version of this toy car. (My smartcar is even red.)

Also, the blue smartcar is really quite handsome.


Ps. Am still debating with self and spouse over the vanity plate.

Regrettably, "MAXWELL" is taken. "YPANTS" is not, but I've made an executive decision that it's stupid.

We're down to "BRIEFD" or "HT TMTO"

Opinions welcome.


epilonious said...


Doo eeet!

You know my license plate... the best thing is now I have the episode of the simpsons on DVD that explains it!

Chalicechick said...

If "Bort" were available in VA, we wouldn't be having this debate.


Anonymous said...

Back shortly after the end of the last Ice Age when I was a boy—about 1959 or ’60, four pretty young nurses rented the house across the street from us in Cheyenne, Wyoming. That event was enough to get the attention of even the most na├»ve 10 year old. But what really fascinated me was the little red car one of them drove. It was an Italian import called an Isetta. It was a tiny lump of a car that could comfortably seat two—if both were thin young nurses. It had one, count it, one door that opened in the front of the vehicle—I mean the front, not just “toward the front on the side.” It was apparently powered by beating humming bird hearts. Folks on my street drove only three kinds of vehicles—Ford or Chevy sedans sheathed in armor plating, dusty twenty year old pick up trucks with cracked windshields, or wooden-sided station wagons. The grown ups regarded the Isetta with suspicion. Its bright red color convinced many of them that it was Communist. Of course, they also—especially the wives—thought that the nurses were hosting non-stop sex orgies. Alas, neither the nurses nor the Isetta lasted long in the neighborhood.

But I never see a SmartCar without thinking of that hot little Italian number—and those nurses.

Anonymous said...

That's my vote, for what it's worth.

epilonious said...

CC: I'm flattered you checked :D

Patrick: The Isetta, while first being built by Iso, an Italian firm... was most produced by BMW. The Isettas that made it to the US were made in Germany.

L said...

I also vote for HT TMTO. And yeah, "Bort" is great.

ogre said...

RSPBRY taken?

HT TMTO, of the options offered.

(I'm not in the immediate car market, but... trying to be responsible and forward looking, I just reserved the hybrid version of the Aptera -- -- I'm looking forward to my "greener than thou" status, but alas, not for a couple years.)