Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another thing I'm thinking about today-Bohemia drift

No, I don't know why I feel so much like writing recently.

The other day, theCSO and I were going someplace and listening to the songs saved on my Iphone. (I no longer inflict my taste in music on most people. Be it the Colin Raye or the 2 Live Crew, I always manage to offend my passengers' taste. But the CSO is used to my ways and pretty tolerant.)

Anyway, I have that La Vie Boheme song from Rent in there and as we were listening to:

To hand-crafted beers made in local breweries
To yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese
To leather, to dildos, To curry Vindaloo
To Huevos Rancheros and Maya Angelou

TheCSO commented that we're pretty mainstream and we really like most of that stuff, and have no particular objection to the rest. And indeed, out of context, that almost looks like a list of yuppie favorite things rather than a list of counterculture favorite things.

And we had a pleasant discussion of how interesting it is that the general principles that the song espouses (riding your bike midday past the three-peice-suits) remain something that we associate with hipsters and being counterculture, but the cultural specifics have drifted into the mainstream so quickly.

On a related note, I have a friend who is into S+M who is in total denial about the mainstream acceptance of S+M.

"Look, right here! It's in Cosmo!"

"Shut up! Shut up!"

So that's another thing I'm thinking about.



Comrade Kevin said...

With time, as soon as someone realizes there is money to be made in the process, there quickly becomes no distinction between hipster and regular-ster.

But's still a socially acceptable sexual activity for geeks, in my opinion, anyway.

PG said...

Was Cosmo talking about BDSM as "way to spice up your love life tonight!" or as an actual lifestyle? I think there is a huge difference between owning and occasionally using rope and nipple clamps (spicy!), and living the whole master-servant lifestyle (fetish).

Incidentally, I hope that references to homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle" pass out of our culture soon. Being a "slave" is an alternative lifestyle. Being married in Mass. with an adopted Chinese daughter isn't.