Monday, June 30, 2008


The Washington City Paper has selected me to be one of the guest fringe reviewers for the Capital Fringe Festival this year. I get free tickets to shows and they are going to put my reviews on their website.

So that's a good thing.



Robin Edgar said...

It would be "a good thing" if they were actually paying you for your work CC. Are they doing that? All I see is that you get free tickets, which is kind of essential to reviewing shows. . . and publication of your reviews. BTW Did your membership in a "fringe religion" influence their decision to uh *exploit* your services?

Chalicechick said...

Shrug. I write here for free all the time and my policy has always been that if you send me a free book/game/etc I will review it as I did with the Laura Pederson trilogy a couple of years ago and the fundamentalist Christian video game last year. So yeah, it seems like a good thing to me and right in line with what I've done before.

I'm not sure how I can exploit my own services, or indeed, what you're talking about. I mean, I get that you're quoting Peter Morales, I just don't get your point.


PG said...

I have the exact opposite attitude to Robin's -- I feel guilty about all the law-related books I've been sent by Henry Holt publishers on the premise that I would review them on De Novo, and I never did :-(