Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UUism will have twice as many problems this time next year

I know this because Katy-the-Wise and I are going to miss our yearly breakfast where we solve all of UUism's problems.

I'm not going to GA. I'm not boycotting or anything, it just seems really pointless to go on a year when so few of my friends will be there. Discreet inquiries among friends and past GA attendees who aren't ministers and whom I think I could stand to share a room with didn't even produce a roommate this year. (My understanding is that ministers, after all, usually pay for their rooms out of professional expenses and they don't need roommates as much.)

I realize I'm helping the boycotters "win" in some sense and believe me, this cheeses me off.


And I'm bummed about it. But not too bummed, because again, very few of my friends will be there and while GA is a spiritual thing for me as well, a lot of the spiritual value comes from the conversations I have. Goodness, I'm going to miss seeing Katy-the-Wise.

So can we PLEASE all go to Salt Lake???

And FWIW, who IS going to GA this year?



Anonymous said...

You can be sure I'll be in Salt Lake. Not only is it an exciting GA, it's also my hometown and 20th high school reunion year to boot.

I'm skipping Fort Lauderdale for newborn infant reasons.

P.S. I'm curious why you and Katy-the-Wise think next year's GA will have more problems than this year.

Joel Monka said...

I had originally intended to attend this year, but will not be able to. Next year looks good, though.

Chalicechick said...

Oh no, it won't.

I was kidding. I like to joke the Katy-the-Wise and I "solve all of UUism's problems" at the three-hour breakfast we squeeze in every year at GA.

Since there will be no breakfast, it stands to reason that there will be twice as many problems awaiting us in Salt Lake.


Robin Edgar said...

:So can we PLEASE all go to Salt Lake???

I will do my best to be at Salt Lake City in 2009.

:And FWIW, who IS going to GA this year?

Not me. There's not much point in holding a public protest against U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy if few U*Us will see it.

Chutney said...

I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't do GA this year for financial reasons(I'm between jobs). We hope to be able to go to Salt Lake next year -- partly because of the election.

ogre said...

I'm going this year--although I'd kinda planned not to. But I'm definitely going to Salt Lake.

And I know of at least two ministers who don't just get rooms by themselves because professional expenses will cover it.

Chalicechick said...

Yeah, I said "usually" because I know it isn't universal. But those who don't have private rooms would usually rather room with buddies from seminary or spouses.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad not to be going to GA this year. The pregnancy has been a lot harder than anticipated, and I need to stay off my feet. For pain management, I wear a brace when walking, and am now using a wheelchair for some outings. So GA would have sucked big time for me. But I plan to attend GA next year in SLC, which is not too far from Portland. I also plan to bring hubby and Baby Inara - so you'd better be there, too!

PeaceBang said...

I don't know many colleagues who are going to this GA. We're not all boycotting it, just taking a year off. It's a very expensive week and last year's yielded almost no take-aways for me (aside from conversations with awesome people), so it was time to take a year off. I do plan to go back to SLC -- it's like, geez, we're back to SLC already?