Friday, October 12, 2007

Wow. People I've made fun of keep winning Nobel Prizes this year.

If I can ever find the paper I wrote in college on Doris Lessing's The Memoirs of a Survivor, I will post it here. It was two pages of tasty snarkage. (Dystopia novels don't work for CC.)'s headline on Gore was "Law School Dropout Wins Nobel Peace Prize."




Comrade Kevin said...

I read a story of Lessing's when I was in undergrad that is pretty good.

Naturally, the name escapes me but it was the typical woman-marries-man-then-loses-sense-of-identity kind of thing. Very 1960's feminist, even though the author herself would take pains not to characterize it in such terms.

The problem with dystopian novels and science fiction in general is that the theme has become a template for a million stilted, contrived pot-boiling hacks. Being that they all have to exist in the shadow of Orwell's 1984 probably has something to do with it. It's a tough act to follow.

I read into your "Enemies of the Chalice Blog" section and realized with dismay that you don't get David Sedaris. Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

comrade Kevin -- Other genres are allowed to have good examples and bad examples of the genre. Why not science fiction?
There's plenty of good science fiction, and lots of bad science fiction. Ho hum.

Comrade Kevin said...


You do have a point.

I suppose I've seen so many lackluster examples of science fiction over the years that it's influenced my perception of the entire genre.

Lessing's switch to science fiction was a controversial move and though I appreciate such a bold paradigm shift, I think her talent lay in other genres.