Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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The suggested rule has its merits, but really, it just brings up an old insecurity of mine that everybody else has that book and I don't.

I was telling Janna-who-doesn't-create (as distinguised from Jana-who-creates)* about this worry one time when we were teenagers and she said "I have that book!" She ran upstairs and came back down with Richard Bach's Illusions.

That was a mean trick to play on someone who doesn't like hippies.


* Yes, my elementary school BFF was Janna and my current local BFF is Jana, pronounced exactly the same. We're also friends with Janna still, but theCSO is actually closer to her and more apt to see eye-to-eye with her, so between us we call them "Your Janna and my Jana."

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jules said...

I'm convinced there is a book and that I don't have it. Apparently somewhere it is written that on the third date there is supposed to be some sex happening. Well, it's happening but not on my third date! And either the girls I've dated don't have the book as well OR can sense I haven't got a clue about said book or the third date rule. As a result I only have 1st, 2nd and 3rd dates. I gotta get that book! Julian UU Deist in Texas