Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happiness Meme

(From Fishy.)

Six things that have made me happy recently.

1. Landlord-tenant law. There are times I feel like I don't understand anything, can't write a memorandum to save my life, can't take notes, and will surely end up flunking out and dancing for change in front of Wal-Mart. Then, I read about landlord-tenant law. I don't know why, but I like it. It's straightforward, and reasonable, and it's related to what my mom does for a living so I have something to attach it to in my head. It's taught by my Property professor. He lays things out really thoughtfully and logically. I just get it.

And that gives me hope.

2. My YRUU padawans and their enthusiasm when I put together my sheet of stories they should know from Genesis. I'll draw up a similar sheet for Exodus soon.

3. When I was lying on Jana-who-creates' couch and ZombieKid walked up:
ZombieKid: Do you and theCSO sleep in the same bed?
CC: Ummm... Yeah?
ZombieKid: Does he use you for a pillow?
CC: Sometimes a little bit.
ZombieKid: Do you use him for a pillow?
CC: I like to go to sleep on his shoulder, but sometimes it gets tired and has to move it.
ZombieKid: Sometimes I use Skunkeriena for a pillow. I wonder if she minds.
(Holding up the toy skunk to whom he is married)
CC: I'm sure she doesn't mind. She's a very understanding skunk.

4. I got to talk to a chatty forensic toxicologist today who told me lots of things I didn't know about how difficult it is to determine the degree of impairment when marijuana is involved. It was cool. My job has ups and downs, but I basically like it.

5. I don't have anything planned for Saturday. Like, at all. I'm thinking about eating breakfast alone, then going in to the office to read and work on homework. No pressure. Just a restful day getting things done. Introvert nirvana.

6. TheCSO and I almost never like the same TV shows, but we both love "Chuck." We watch it together and laugh together the whole time. There literally hasn't been a show we've watched together like this since the X-files.


fausto said...

If landlord-tenant law thrills your bones, ask me sometime about the time I lawfully sent sherriffs into an office building I didn't own at midnight to seize a tenant's computers and phones.

The tenant was trying in bad faith to assert a lease default by the landlord so they could move into a chaper building, but the lease gave the landlord a first lien on the tenant's fixtures and equipment. The tenant's failure to pay rent put my mortgage on the property into default, and since part of my collateral was an assignment of leases, I had the right (and perhaps even the duty) to sell the tenant's fixtures and equipment to minimize the mortgage delinquency.

If you're an office tenant, it's a lot less appealing to pay cheaper rent elsewhere if you have to leave everything you need to run your business behind.

Chalicechick said...

Wow. That's awesome!

who wasn't kidding about liking this stuff.