Friday, October 26, 2007

Last-minute-Halloween costumes

So I'm Jana-who-creates' date for a Halloween party where her friend's band is playing and I found out today that it is a costume party.

My plan for Halloween parties this year was for theCSO and myself to attend as Voltaire and Mme DuChatelet.

But Mme DuChatelet isn't so great a costume on its own.

I tried to sell JwC on going as Molly Weasely and Bellatrix LeStrange, but no dice.

Anyway, suggestions welcome.

As far as I can tell, most halloween costumes fall into one of several categories

1. Slutty
2. Scary
3. Totally lacking in dignity. (E.g. dress in pink, put a shoe on your head, go as "gum stuck on the bottom of somebody's shoe")

None of these categories particularly rock my world.



1. Thanks for the love for my Molly-and-Bellatrix plan. But if my friend isn't into it, she's not. She's thinking of going as a robot.
2. PG is awesomesauce and will be invited to every Halloween party I ever have.
3. Since Halloween is all about slutty, scary and lacking in dignity, it seems only logical to go as Amy Winehouse. A black wig, some tacky jewelry and a bunch of fake tattoos would be easy enough to do. But I'm worried that I would be cold as her iconic look is ripped jeans and a tank top. Also, I go back and forth on whether it is in poor taste because I honestly expect her to drop dead any minute...


Joel Monka said...

You could dress as a box of Cheerios, carry a knife, and claim to be a cereal killer. Or does that lack dignity?

Chalicechick said...

I think I'm going to have to go ahead and say that any costume based on a pun is lacking in dignity department.


RandomRanter said...

Pirate! Be a pirate!

Anonymous said...

Talk your friend into going as Bellatrix and Molly. That's awesome.

PG said...

I like to get costume ideas from music videos. Last year my boyfriend and I went as Tom Petty and the blonde from "Don't Come Around Here No More." We brought a cake that said "eat me" and a bottle of alcoholic beverage with the label taped over by a sign that said "drink me."

I wanted to be Chamillionaire (me) and Weird Al (him) this year, but he didn't go for that.

But the Bellatrix and Molly idea is excellent -- I agree that you should lobby your friend harder.

Chalicechick said...

If nothing else, you have reminded me of the awesomeness of that music video.


Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that any costume I would like, you wouldn't. However, I will say that I tend to go for comfort.
When I have to work in a costume, I go as a rosebush: comfy green velour shift with roses pinned on all over. At one party, I wore my rosebush costume with some red and some white roses, and my date was the two of spades with a bucket of red paint. the back of the two of spades was a poster-paint version of the bicycle back, with all the leafy curlicues. We did another party where we were a "little Dutch boy and girl" marionettes -- with our strings held up by helium balloons. I've done Titania, Queen of the Fairies (with my train held up by helium butterflies). I went as a thunderstorm once. We've done unicorns. At a party whose theme was "Name that tune" i was My Favorite Things. Other great costumes were "Lola", "Roll over Beethoven", "Silence is Golden", and "Good (k)night Irene". My brother once went to a Halloween party as an airplane. One of the best costumes I've seen, at a party with a sea theme, was a jellyfish: she got one of those clear bubble umbrellas and put a long long iridescent fringe on it. And made it sway.
See what I mean? You wouldn't do any of those....

Anonymous said...


Buy the game at your local toy store, staple the spinner to a hat (if you can find your old high school mortarboard, that works perfectly). Cut a hole in the middle of the game board and wear it as a poncho. Bonus: you're waterproof so if someone spills his corona, you're good. :)



Michelle said...

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