Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jazz Hands

When she was in college, CC played Mrs. Pugh in a community theatre production of Annie. At one point in the show, the servants did this little dance to the “Oh you…WON’T be an orphan, No, you... WON’T be an orphan, no you WON’T be an orphan, FOR LONG!” song.

I’m not going to describe the dance itself, but suffice to say, it is somewhat complex and ends with jazz hands. For many years afterwards, the guy who played Drake in the show and I would just start doing our dance at odd moments when we were hanging out.

I still occasionally do that dance when I’m standing around bored for a minute, like I was when I was waiting for the elevator at lunchtime. Until I looked up and saw the secretary from the Patent Firm across the hall, who was watching me through the glass doors, riveted.

My own experience suggests that people working in Patent Law need all the cheering up one can give them, so I suppose I can regard it as a good deed.

Singin' "Cross the street or cross the sea, Annie, Sweet, we guarantee, that you..."


Lilylou said...

Hey, you probably made her day!

RandomRanter said...

I discovered that I sometimes stand in fifth position. No idea why. So, you are not alone.

PeaceBang said...

Reminds me of the time I was standing absentmindedly on the street corner waiting for a ride and started doing double time steps. Some boys drove by in a convertible and yelled "LOSER!"

I had no idea why until I realized my ankles were still flapping away.

Old dances live in the body forever, I'm afraid. I could still probably do all of "Easy Street" as an encore to your Mrs. Pugh routine ("when you're through/ Mrs. Pugh/ comes to take/it away!" -- ah, the lyrical genius of Marty Charnin).