Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vegas travel advice

CC is pouting today because theCSO is in Vegas and having a blast and says that I totally have to come. He's willing to fly me out this weekend, in fact, but I really, really need to study.

So to make us both feel better, we're making plans to go to Vegas together at some point.

Suggestions of cool places to stay and stuff we need to do are welcome.



bozoette said...

The Liberace museum is a hoot! It's cheap, too - look for 2 for 1 coupons in promo brochures.

For a fun, "topless but tasteful" show, see Jubilee at Bally's. A friend of mine is the wardrobe manager. It's one of the last, great Vegas revues.

Also, get out of the city and go to Red Rock Canyon. It's close (maybe 15 miles from the strip) and unbelievably gorgeous. Hoover Dam is also very cool.

Steven Rowe said...

while Vegas isnt a place Im interested in, my friend ME - a pro writer - suggests the website
as a good source of info. He also suggests you use ticket discount places if you care to see a show.
and wonders if the famous - slip the desk clerk a $20 bill while asking about "complimentary upgrades" works as well as most insiders think....

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

I live in Vegas. I agree with bozoette about Red Rock Canyon. It's a great way to do something cool that's also very not "Vegas".

Also, for good geeky fun, there's the Pinball Hall of Fame.

There's a lot to do in the area, so I guess my question is, what do you guys like to do when you go out?

Anonymous said...

1) If you are at all a foodie, there are lots of good restaurants which are clones of their NYC counterparts but which if anything are slightly less expensive.

2) If you like the idea of going to the beach more than actually going to the beach, the pool complexes at the various hotels may be for you. Lounge chairs, fluffy towels, people bringing you cocktails, etc. Wear SPF 45 and read for a few hours.

3) If you like sports at all, the sports book of a casino (i.e., the area where you can bet on sports) is a good place to spend a few hours: lots of big screen TVs, neon displays flashing statistics at you, comfortable chairs, no one minds if you read the paper. (You can't, however, use a cell phone -- it's a state law. You can walk 50 feet the edge of the sports book to answer your cell phone, however.)

Claire said...

i think just going into all the funky-themed casinos is kind of fun. completely ridiculously gaudy, all of them, but all with their own spin on things.

Lisa M. Orange said...

The New York New York resort has a roller coaster running through it.

And if Cirque du Soleil's "O" is still running, that's worth seeing.