Sunday, January 30, 2005

Report from Murder Mystery Night

Three people guessed who the murderer was and they had a drawing for the prize. One of the three was the CSO and the one who won was a little kid who was sitting near us as we talked about the case. (Not that I’m accusing the kid of anything… but come on…)

Regular readers of my column on Coffee Hour know that I have, shall we say, a certain romantic enthusiasm for detectives of all varieties.

It was a good night to be the CSO, and we’ve said that murder mystery nights may become a semi-regular habit for us.

My friend who appreciates high school boys didn't come. Physically, I don't think he would have been disappointed, but having taught SAT classes, I have a general idea of what most high school kids are like to talk to and I can't say I share his taste. (Though I don't consider myself in a position to judge as when I was in high school, older men was where my tastes ran and in the final analysis, most of those mistakes were worth making.)


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