Thursday, January 13, 2005

CC writes blog reviews while watching CSI

From Coffee Hour

CC is feeling rather peckish, so she apologises in advance if her reviews reflect that. She’s just getting over the flu, her husband is about to go out of town, etc, etc and soforth. Insert more bitching here.

The best I can do for happy news is that CSI just showed a really bitchin’ slow motion shot of a car windshield shattered by a bullet. I love those CSI-cam things.

Anyway, onto the reviews:

At Call and Response Anna is thinking over confirmations.
CC had one herself as a 12-year-old and often wonders if she should blame that for the fact that she still feels she looks at UUism through Christian eyes sometimes.

Is it just me, or does the new CBS show about the FBI agent and his mathematician brother who solve crimes together look really good? No, really, I honestly think it sounds cool.

At Ministrare Sean answered last week's questions about being a minister in a town full of Mormons. CC actually works for Mormons, and when she first took the job, a wise B-netter said Mormons were, on the whole, “very nice people who believe very strange things.”

On the whole, I have found both to be accurate. My experience with conservative Christianity has been largely in the south, where the congregants are often ex-fundamentalists. I’m delighted to read what Sean has to say, because, comparing Sean’s experience to my own, it seems that his congregants handle ex-Mormonness with a great deal more aplomb than the ex-fundamentalists I know have handles what I assume are similar experiences.

I also get what he says about ex-Mormons being great congregants. My Presbyterian mother pretty much walks into her church, sees what needs to be done, and does it. I’ve noticed similar patterns in my own behavior.

Oh… Grissom and Sarah are having a “relationship” talk. Sarah just said “sometimes, I look for validation in inappropriate places.” You and me both, sister.

Ok, reviews, reviews, sorry.

At Facilitating Paradox David asks of the four CBS staffers fired over the swift boat vets news story: “Why should they get dragged through the mud and not the producers of the Swift Boat Veterans ads, or all the people involved in assassinating President Clinton's character?”

Well, because the CBS producers were journalists who were had. They allowed lies to show up on CBS’ flagship news show and made CBS look stupid. An independent report said the error came from the news departments’ “myopic zeal.”

By contrast, the producers of the swift boat veterans ads were basically paid propagandists who did their jobs. The people who “assassinating Presidents Clinton’s character” were telling the truth. The man had a zipper problem and lied to the country to cover it up. Ask me if I think that was worth millions of my tax dollars for an impeachment trial, I’m gonna say “no,” but getting hysterical will not help liberals retake the country.

Oooh! Oooh! That creepy little girl from the Brittany Murphy movie and that Cat-in-the-Hat thing is in a horror movie. That kid was scary in PG-rated movies. I bet she’s really good in a horror flick.

Reflections has something good for the wayside pulpit.

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."


I have two words for the resolution of the plot about old people on tonight’s CSI: Justifiable Homicide

Unity is proving me wrong. In my blog awards nomination, I said it wasn’t updated as often as Prophet Motive. Needless to say, Unity has now been updated like four times since Prophet Motive last was. Shows what I know.
Adam reports that Christmas was nice, but that his congregation seems happy to be back to their usual routine. My favorite Presbyterian minister once wrote a sermon on “ordinary time,” those times in the Christian calendar when nothing is officially going on.

Well, well, CSI is over and Grissom, with his inexplicable mystery-solving-hotness, is gone for another week. Well, really only until 7pm tomorrow night, when Spike TV shows reruns.

Thank goodness.


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