Friday, January 28, 2005

I guess we're just friends now, huh?

Ever had a “work boyfriend?” I have one, or really in all practical sense, had one. His last day is next Friday as he’s leaving for a new job and a $15,000 raise.
Having a work boyfriend is a wonderful thing. Now I’m not talking about freaky sex on the copier. TheCSO wouldn’t approve, and judging by what I’ve seen, I’m not my work boyfriend’s type. But somehow, when he and I met, we just clicked in a fully professional, fully platonic sort of way.
It took me awhile to really get the hang of things when I first started. But within a month or so, working with this guy was like dancing with someone who moved to my rhythm. Who got the credit for a given project had more to do with who needed to look good for the boss than who did 51 percent of the work.
He’s attractive, a good salesman and ridiculously efficient, I’m dreamier, but write and design things. I’m an INTP, he’s an ESTP. It worked beautifully.
Can’t say things were perfect, in my relationships they never are. He had some personal problems in our time working together, so did I. BUt we helped one another through them, mostly by quietly being there and keeping one another's work lives as stress-free as we could when we needed it.
When I think about my freaky little friends, an ex-frat boy in AA is certainly an outlier, but somehow, we made things work in a really amazing rhythm.
Oh well. There are other fish in the sea…

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