Sunday, January 09, 2005

Random Opinions


"Weird Revolution" was the best album the Butthole Surfers ever did, and had greater influence on the avant-punk movement than any of its critics will admit

List of things that are overrated:

"The Scarlett Letter" - Even HAWTHORNE got the cliff notes.

Dave Matthews band.

New Orleans - Yeah, I know you had fun when you went there for a week in college. Try living there.

Andy Rooney- He talks for three minutes a week and that's his job and he calls my generation lazy. What a tool.

Garrison Keillor - What is it about this man that makes me think of the guy at the party who stands next to the snack table thinking the girls are coming over to talk to him when all we really want is a carrot stick or two?

Lingerie as outerwear (which is in this season)- Or maybe I'm just pissed because I know that by the time I'm to a point where people want to see me in lingerie, sexy clothes will be out and all the real hipsters will be wearing the hijab.

Any movie with word "Matrix" in the title.

Micheal Moore- What a maroon.

Ann Coulter- See above.

Clockwork Orange

Ayn Rand - The works of Ayn Rand easily rank as the philosophy most recommended by the least reliable people that I've ever encountered.

The Roswell Crash

The Nobel Peace Prize -- Make a rule that if you've ever promoted a war that killed a million people people you can't win, and this means you Henry Kissenger, and THEN come back and talk to me. Also-Haven't like five people won for bringing peace to the middle east? You'd think the middle east would be safer than Starbucks.

Oh yeah, and:


Ian McKellen, despite the fact that he is gay and rather old, is somehow kinda hot.

Except when he's Gandalf.

"Dude, where's my car" was a MUCH better movie than it gets credit for.

Ditto "Joe Vs. the Volcano."

Much of what is screwy about the world is a giant cultural freakout in reaction to chaos theory.

People are so desperate to believe in a mechanistic universe that they will believe ANYTHING that promises them one.

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