Sunday, January 09, 2005

My nominations for the UU blogging awards

Best UU-themed blog---Prophet Motive (Even when Tom writes about politics, I enjoy it. This is saying a lot.)

Best Non-UU Themed blog— A Virginian UU in King George's War (To be honest, the theological writings are often nothing new, but when he just writes about his daily life, I'm riveted.)

Best UU themed community— FUUSE

Best writing— Unity (Unity was a hair away from "best UU blog." I had trouble deciding, then went with PM because it is updated more.)

Best links-- MyIrony (MyIrony is neither a uu blog nor a non-UU blog, really, but I still really like it and it sends me really interesting places.)

Best design--- Ibeth wins because of the photos. I like good photography, but Beth doesn't just run photos because she can. There's always a point. (Though Presbyopic Myopia always looks nice, too)

Best Religious writing: Unity's Advent series

Blog that makes me feel like I'm sitting in a bar next to the writer,
who has had just one too many and is ranting a bit, yet I'm having a
great time: Boy in the Bands

Best source of GA workshop ideas: Adventures in Small Group ministry

Best single GA workshop idea: Expanding on Adventures in Small Group ministry's post on discussion groups and tragedy into a workhop on services in response to tragedy, especially one that focuses on practical issues.

Best overall commentary on everything: -- MyIrony

Best blog that claims to be a UU blog but is really a politics blog,
but I read it anyway even though I tend to bitch about blogs that do
just that: Rick's Rants.

Best blogs/communitys that really deserve awards, but that I didn't vote for
because I think it would look like conflict of interest: Philocrites , Coffee Hour and Beliefnet.

Best Wayside pulpit:
"" Alone, we can only move buckets. But if we work together, we can
drain rivers. ""
--The Brady Bunch Movie
(Which never appeared in any blog, I just like it)

Best new blog: Ministrare.

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