Wednesday, January 12, 2005

More Random Opinions


The recent changes to the SAT, which make it depend more on things that can be easily tutored, like math and verbal questions, and get rid of analogy questions, are bad.

Ditto for getting rid of the analytical section of the GRE.

If I go back to school, I'm submitting an LSAT score to prove that I can still think.


More overrated and underrated things:

Overrated Virginia College: William and Mary. Everybody I know from high school who went there arrived in Williamsburg a cool person and left four years later a snotty, preppy creep who seemed to honestly think they were now better than their old friends. Really. And we're talking like five people. And their academics really don't publish that much.

Underrated Virginia College: George Mason
It's so close to home everyone where I live turns up their nose, but it is really a great school and has several nobel prize winners.

Overrated: Jackie Robinson
Underrated: the first black lawyer, the first black doctor, the first black judge, and every other minority achiever whom we cannot name off the top of our heads.

Overrated: Undying love forever
Underrated: friends with benefits.

(Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.)

Overrated UU service component: Joys and Concerns
Underrated UU service component: sermon talkback.

Overrated Holiday: Christmas
Underrated Holiday: Thanksgiving

Overrated 1980s high altitude project: SDI
Underrated 1980s high altitude project: Nuclear-powered rockets for space travel.

Overrated: Jessica Simpson
Underrated: Christina Aguilara

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