Thursday, June 25, 2009

Multiple Choice Quiz

This lady's much-mocked-by-the-internet Guns and Roses "November Rain" themed wedding was:

A. Awesome

B. Awesome

C. Awesome

D. I'm blind to the obvious fun the people in the photos are having and WAY too *ahem* wedded to the concept of the WASPy traditional wedding.

who doesn't mind being snarky herself sometimes, but hates it when people feel they just have to suck all the joy out of everything.


Anonymous said...

Well DAY-UM! That's ballsy, especially considering the potentially conservative cultural background implied by the religious trappings. You know I have to approve of it on several levels, even while part of me withers and dies at the sight of that dress. Groom's "skirt" longer than bride's skirt!

-- Jana

Chalicechick said...

Agin, the wedding's theme was Guns and Roses' song "November Rain."

The dress the bride wears in that video viewable by going here and scrolling down, is very close to the one that the bride wears in this wedding.