Monday, June 29, 2009

Just when I'm snarking on Obama

Something comes along to give me perspective.

In other news, Bernie Madoff will die in prison unless, he's ya know, a vampire or something. (If you make that idea into a hit television show, please pay off my student loans.)

And Micheal Jackson's parents want to add to their record of stellar parenting. Janet, from one "only reasonable member of the family" to another, please step in.

Also, when I was a kid, I campaigned and campaigned for a walkman. My parents assured me that it would make me antisocial. I pointed out that all the kids with lots of friends had them to no avail. Anyway, as a mildly misanthrophic adult, I get to read that a thirteen-year-old's impression of the device I so pined for.



Strange Attractor said...

My children only pity me when I tell them of my beloved walkman. They will never understand the freedom it represented.

However did we live in such backward times when we had to turn over tapes?

Chalicechick said...

I know, and if your brothers were rioting, you could LISTEN TO MUSIC and you didn't have to hear them.

And if your Dad was a tremendous musical snob who delighted in pointing out the musical mistakes in the music you liked*, you could PLAY YOUR MUSIC WHERE HE COULDN'T HEAR IT.

And if you had to walk the same mile to and from school every day, you could LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE YOU WALKED and it was less boring.

To little CC, it was all so exciting.


*Once someone has pointed out a drummer coming in slightly too early in your favorite song, you hear nothing but the drummer every time you listen to it for the rest of your life.