Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I'm going to write "Maria Belen Chapur photo" and see if my blog hits go up.

In other news, if you just found this post on a search engine, you're visiting the Chaliceblog for the first time, and your name isn't Jenny Sanford, you should probably get a life.

who would sort of like to see a photo of Maria Belen Chapur, but actually doesn't care.


Anonymous said...

goddamn you and your experiments. i have been searching all day for pictures of maria belen shapur chapur whatever the hell the name is. my family didn't eat dinner and someone is telling me michael jackson died (?wtf?) oh where oh where is my argentinian milf mistress eye candy. you bastard. experiment? experiment? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!

Chalicechick said...

Mrs. Sanford, I wish you well in your future romantic endeavors. I'm sure the nanny fed the children while you were otherwise engaged.

Please feel confident I feel for those who marry conservative men wanting women just like themselves, and then are shocked to discover their boredom a couple of decades in to matrimony.

On the upside, I hear Billy Joel is single these days and I suspect to him you would be quite the novelty.


hafidha sofia said...