Monday, June 08, 2009

Micheal Savage has no relationship to Rockstar Energy drinks

As the headline says, homophobic and xenophobic shock jock Savage, who is so offensive he has managed to be banned from an entire country, has no formal relationship to the company that makes Rockstar energy drinks, despite the fact that says Savage's production company and Rockstar are registered as having the same address with the Nevada Secretary of State.

However, his son runs the company and his wife is the CFO as well as the director, treasurer, and secretary of the company's board.

I'm not one for boycotts in any formal sense.

But Monster Energy drink is a mighty tasty beverage.




Joel Monka said...

Bah- I get my rush the traditional way, by filling my Smithsonian coffee mug with expresso. (it takes seven shots)A couple of those will get your morning started.

ogre said...

Joel, suddenly I hear you in a totally different "voice"--sounding like the kid in the movie "Iron Giant."

L said...

Or, you could improve your health by not drinking mega-caffeine beverages at all. Seriously, those energy drinks are hazardous to your health. You should check it out.