Thursday, September 18, 2008


The first time I responded to a certain lie about me with a careful explanation of how what I said was not at all what the liar said I said*, Peacebang said that it was big of me to put together a long and detailed response to a "ridiculous interpretation of your comment."

While I appreciate the compliment, I didn't do it to be nice, I did it because I know that once a dead cat gets under the porch, the stench tends to linger and that lies work the same way.

I got another waft of that particular dead cat today on someone else's blog.

So, if you've recently heard about a shocking thing that somebody says I said that doesn't really sound like something any reasonable person, particularly a UU, would say, please click here.


*Or what the not-terribly-bright person thinks I said, if you want to be charitable.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how UUs treat someone who is different.

Chalicechick said...

Not cool.

This isn't about my faith, this is about one guy who is either sort of stupid or just a nut. Despite our disagreements, UUs have always been decent to me and I have no interest in painting them all with the same brush.

I'm not going to blame my faith for one guy being a moron and dealing with the lies he's spreading is my responsibility, not that of my entire religion.


Robin Edgar said...

So who's the U*Ultramaroon (or would that be UltramarU*Un?) who is pretending that your saying -

"Or to put it another way, if he was going to shoot up a symbol of liberalism, the local offices of the Obama campaign would have made more sense."

is an actual endorsement of shooting up the Obama campaign office? He or she is either incredibly stoopid (i.e. ultamaroon) or is willfully and quite maliciously misrepresenting what you actually said. Unfortunately I know a lot of U*Us who are guilty of such behaviour. Let's not forget that you have misrepresented my own behaviour from time to time. . .