Monday, September 29, 2008

From the Chalicemailbag

(A.k.a. my e-mail)

A Chalicesseur writes:
Rumor has it that many people think that the current XKCD is sufficiently cool that it merits a link on the Chaliceblog. Would it be possible for you to intercede with the ChaliceChick?

My response: I don't think that comic, as awesome as it is, will fit on this blog. Or would be readable if I were to shrink it enough to fit. So, I'm going to have to just Link to it and encourage people to go look it it.

Go! Look! Go and look!




ogre said...

Reminds me of the map of the US from Manhatten..

Joe The Math Guy said...

I never realized that before...all those "the world as perceived by 'X', where 'X' is some particularly self-centered place" maps...they are all log scale maps...

Joe, considering trying to write a Star Wars novel peopled entirely by creatures with names made from the letters they make you type when you post stuff.

(Activate the hyperdrive NOW, Lcxhnj, that Imperial cruiser's coming right at us!)

LinguistFriend said...

Joe, those consonantal words work best when one uses as a syllable nucleus either sounds with considerable sonority from voicing [r, l, m, n, ng], or noise-segments such as [s], [f], as in pft or tsk. Some of my favorite languages do that, as in the classic Czech example "Strc prst skrz krk", "stick your finger through your neck", but even there one can construct only rather forced examples so perhaps one should stick to names.
I like your idea of log-scale maps. It applies well to a faculty colleague of mine who in a curriculum committee meeting was recently trying to abolish all lab-based classes in my department. It just needs to be extended to three dimensions in spherical coordinates, conceiving the creature in question as a central point.