Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Does this mean I get to flirt with Spock?

Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam...

Starfleet Crewperson

52% Intrigue, 80% Civilization, 63% Humanity, 69% Urbanization.

As Mister Spock would say: Fascinating. It seems you've managed to hit the edge of the curve on all metrics. An extraordinary life is almost certain.

According to your answers, you want it all, you want a lot of it, and you're willing to do what it takes to get it! Adventure! Romance! Technology! Challenge! You love civilization. You like people. You love the complications and joys of a big, weird crowd of humans plus lots of other beings wandering into dangerous and complicated corners of the galaxy.

There is an ideal place for you, and you are ideal for it: Welcome to the crew of the starship Enterprise. Captain Kirk would have welcomed you aboard himself, but his head was too big to fit in the landing bay.

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Joel Monka said...

Yes, you do. Every seven years. And since he first enter Pon Far in 1967, you ahould have an opportunity next year!

Chalicechick said...

I'm somewhere between amused that you came up with that, charmed that you took the time to figure out Pon Farr was coming up, and mildly scared of you for the previous two reasons.


Anonymous said...

Now I’m getting a little frightened. I’m a Starfleet Crewman, too. I hope I’m not one of those guys in the red shirts that gets beamed down to the surface with the Captain, Bones and Spock and always ends up dying horribly; is in the engine room when the warp drive core melts; or is the first to contract the agonizing space virus whose only known cure is on the other side of a worm hole guarded by a ruthless, advanced race.. I probably am. And they probably won’t give me the keys to the officer’s head or the Holideck.

And keep me away from Spock in Pon Farr. That’s seriously creepy. I might go for Lt. Saavik, that Vulcan that looked like a skinny Kirstie Alley.

Failing that, want to meet in the crew quarters and cram for the Academy entrance excam?

Chalicechick said...

(((Failing that, want to meet in the crew quarters and cram for the Academy entrance excam?)))

Sure. And I'm great to study with because I'm not a minimalist in the study aids department. I've got emanuel's Starfleet Procedures in a Flash series along with both the regular and crunchtime versions of the course outlines.

And it turns out the Joseph Glannon did an examples and explanations book on Securities Regulation on an Interstellar scale, which is good because that stuff is COMPLICATED...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Joseph Glannon, the law professor—according to Wikipedia. That’s a relief. At first I thought you meant Jeff Gannon, the gay prostitute cum ace White House correspondent. And that really had me frightened.

Chalicechick said...

Nah, he's just a guy who writes a lot of textbooks and study guides.


Anonymous said...

OK, I took the reincarnation quiz. Results:
Tralfamadorian Messenger

44% Intrigue, 59% Civilization, 49% Humanity, 34% Urbanization.

I get to spend 100,000 plus years traveling across the universe to deliver the message, "Greetings!"