Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life is good.

I've been really caught up in the politics stuff I've been writing recently and haven't written anything about life in general. So here goes.

I'm in one of those periods of contentment that always makes me worry that the other shoe is about to drop. Little things could be improved about my life. I need to get more billable hours, spend more time in front of the WiiFit, go visit Linguistfriend and get a little more one-on-one time with my husband, but on the whole, things are good.

I'm a total nerd for this but I love tax law. It's just so delightfully straightforward. All the laws can be conveniently examined. The cases make sense. It's great! I sometimes have trouble remembering that most people don't love tax law, and y'all were only barely spared a post on Sarah Palin's commuting in light of the Flowers case.

I don't love corporations. But I feel like I should understand them, so I'm taking the class.

ZombieKid was joining the school band this year and was thinking about playing the clarinet or flute. As far as I can tell a skinny boy carrying a clarinet or flute around junior high might as well be wearing a sign that says "Please kick my ass," so I was delighted when he ended up going with the saxaphone.

Due to the questionable influence of Jana-who-creates and Joe-the-Math-guy, I started reading comic books this summer. I'm mostly through Preacher's trade paperbacks now, though the last few are on order and am about to start Fables. I read V for Vendetta but failed to see what the fuss was all about. I had read Sandman in college and much preferred it. I've got Watchmen sitting on my shelf awaiting my attention. Edie-who-sells-books also sells comic books and has been delighted by this turn of events because she knows how fast I read.

Also, at the suggestion of Katy-the-Wise, this summer I started reading Harry Kemelman's detective series about Rabbi David Small. I really like it and look forward to finishing it. I've had some nice conversations with Katy-the-Wise recently. I am constantly amazed at the number of smart and awesome friends I have.

Jana-who-Creates is in charge of making sure I don't turn evil. (I know, I know, she's behind.) and ZombieKid is in charge of making sure I remain fun. It disturbed Jana that she went on two retreats with me in two weeks and I only brought homework to read. So I'm trying to keep things in balance.

YRUU starts again tomorrow. We have a ton of new yutes and I look forward to getting to know them, though I seriously miss some of the ones who went to college this year. I'm writing the script for the Murder Mystery Dinner again.

Oh, and I'M GOING TO SEE SANDRA BERNHARD tonight with Jana-who-Creates!

So that's me.

What's up with you?



PG said...

y'all were only barely spared a post on Sarah Palin's commuting in light of the Flowers case.

Bring it on.

I'm glad you're taking tax and corporations -- it's vital to know the fundamentals of those subjects (says the person who made in a C in federal income tax and Bs in her other tax courses, corporations and securities) and I kind of think federal tax law ought to be tested on the multistate portion of the bar. We could cut half of the ridiculous property questions and use that space for covering basic tax issues.

Comrade Kevin said...

Some people really do enjoy absolutes and that seems to me to be what you're discussing.

I, however, do not think that way and am much more at homes with abstract concepts and messiness. Suppose I'm chronically right brained.