Monday, December 17, 2007


Because I want my Chalicesseurs to be wise in the ways of the internet, I'm letting you know that:

1. The customary blogger response to a functional cease and desist letter from someone who has no legal leg to stand on is to post the letter and make fun of it.

2. If you create something, especially in your professional capacity, and put your name on it, and I make fun of that thing and by-extension you, your name is public domain for the purposes of that fun-making, nothing in that situation is actionable from a privacy standpoint. If you don't believe me, look it up.

3. If I haven't said anything untrue about you, nothing I've done is defamation.

4. I'm a pretty benign person offline and actually have respected polite requests to remove someone's name before. But being a snotty bitch to me in your email is not the way to get me to behave benignly. If I do take your name off, particularly if you are a professional who should have known better, I am doing you a favor. The world doesn't owe you a free pass when you do a shitty job at something you're paid to be good at and rudeness is not the way to earn that pass.

5. At least for the moment, I'm not attaching a name or a post to this.



Robin Edgar said...

Aw c'mon. . . Go for it. You've got my curiosity picqued now CC. ;-)

Comrade Kevin said...

Indeed. I, too, am bubbling over with curiosity.

epilonious said...

Oh please?

Maybe I can pry it out of you with some pleasant holiday Internet Messaging.

Chalicechick said...

Robin, you would be disappointed.


Bill Baar said...
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Bill Baar said...

I received an email from the individual too.

The writer raises some issues touched on by this post over at Making Chutney.

Needless to say, our Church's leaders and staff should understand, once they're on the net, your pretty much out there.

It's near eternal and people will link...even to a cache.