Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I have questions about this sign. Why are inexperienced strippers a good thing?

I mean, I totally get wanting a hooker her first night on the job. But why first-time strippers?


epilonious said...

Some people find crying strippers sexy?

PG said...

I figure it's like advertising college girls in porn -- "first time" implies "young and fresh" instead of "old and jaded."

Anonymous said...

I'd guess that it's partly the appeal to "These are not the same strippers you've been seeing at different clubs for years" and partly "They aren't so jaded that they're just going to look at you as an ATM with legs".

I used to drive past a place in Nashville that advertised "Dozens of beautiful girls... and three ugly ones!". I wouldn't read too much into the marketing decisions made by strip clubs.

Anonymous said...

I guess that was supposed to bring you in to figure out which were the three ugly ones?