Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok, this time I *really* mean it about the prayers.

Because Constitutional Law is very hard and very boring to CC, who is usually a theoretical person but for whatever reason preferred her more concrete property class this semester.

Starts in five minutes. Eeek!



Joel Monka said...

You have my prayers; I hope I read this in time.

PG said...

Hope it went well! I wouldn't be surprised if your issue with con law were similar to my fiance's: that it often seems to be made up as you go along. I love con law and it's one of the few areas of law I really know (as opposed to limping through the exam based on the strength of my outline), but it's definitely a "are you willing to play along" area of law. (Antitrust, another subject I love and my fiance loathes, is similar.)

Lilylou said...

Okay, so how did it go?

Chalicechick said...

Ok, but not as well as property. Everybody was talking about how hard it was, though, so maybe it was harder for everybody.