Thursday, December 17, 2009

To do before I leave for New York City tomorrow

1. Wash clothes
2. Pack
3. Download law lectures for drive
4. Outline paper for completion in New York
5. Clean out car
6. Pedicure
7. Acquire wardrobe of high quality and tasteful designer clothes accented by vintage pieces and a scarf picked up from a street vendor in Dupont Circle
8. Finish J.D.
9. Lose weight until I am shaped approximately like Drew Barrymore.
10. Develop sophisticated hobby, like reading depressing novels in the original Russian.
11. Fill house with the works of undiscovered artist. Arrange for artist to be discovered.
12. Grow thicker, prettier hair
13. Write bestselling satirical novel
14. Accept that an old friend will still love you, even if so far you haven't reached the potential you had when you were 17.


kimc said...


DairyStateDad said...

Oh, yeah...

Stephanie said...

I have been working on #7 and #13 for years. Might be time for me to give up and accept that I wear clothes from Goodwill, and only have small pieces published.

elz said...

what is it abt nyc! enjoy the tree and ice skating at rock sq, hit walk the mall when they close 5th ave (if they still do and it isn't too late, cuddle into a hundred small untrendy restaurants for indescribable food... it really can be fun.

but on #10, proust beats the russians.

Linguist.friend said...

On # 10, Rowan Williams votes for the Russians, especially Dostoevsky.