Thursday, December 24, 2009

Richard Simmons: Annoying? Awesome?

In an interview, Susan Powter said of Richard Simmons "He needs to put some trousers on and stop it."

CC, who thinks Susan Powter's fifteen minutes are well and truly up, finds Richard Simmons sweet and endearing on a non-ironic level and just hilarious in general. She remembers fondly the time Simmons had a vegetable steamer with him on the David Letterman show and said steamer exploded and how for years afterwards, Simmons would randomly show up every couple of months and David Letterman would chase him away with a fire extinguisher.

TheCSO frequently confuses Simmons with Carrot Top and annonced after viewing a yotube clip of one of Richard Simmons' appearances on David Letterman that he was one of the more annoying people TheCSO had ever seen.

Opinions welcome.



Joel Monka said...

I actually find Simmons endearing. Susan Powter? Her 15 minutes were up 30 minutes ago- I didn't know she was still alive.

Strange Attractor said...

Who knew Susan Powter was still around? Simmons is pretty annoying. The only time he is funny is when Letterman hurts his feeling & it doesn't make me feel very good to laugh at that. I can't imagine that he inspires anyone to fitness anymore.

Lilylou said...

I agree with Joel, in that Richard Simmons knows he's a caricature and plays to that, which is kind of endearing. But he does have feelings and I hate to see them get hurt by the ribbing he gets from the "cool kids".

Br. Pax said...

Awww...Simmons while very odd is endearing.

hafidha sofia said...

I always liked Richard Simmons. When I was a kid he was in his heyday and even through all the pink shorts and blathering and "oh honeys" and slightly manic behavior, I could see that he cared about people and was full of love. People were always making fun of him on their talk shows and whatnot, but he didn't care.

You know what I'm reminded of - that scene near the end of "Adaptation," when Charlie (Nic Cage) tells Donald (Nic Cage) how everyone thinks he's a loser - some girl he used to love just laughed at him behind his back, and so did everyone else. And then Donald responds that he knows they did that, but he didn't care, because he loved her, and his love didn't change. That's seriously the only part of the movie I remember, and maybe I'm not even remembering it that well, but I do know that I cried.