Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's New Years Eve and I'm blogging

Yep, I'm at the yearly New Year's Eve party at Forties Girl and Cerulean's house. Actually, all the usual suspects are here, though everyone but me is watching a movie upstairs.*

So, your attention-span-deprived hero is downstairs, typing and thinking. Christmas was stressful though everyone involved really did their best to make it not so. My generous and wonderful in-laws really went all out this year. This weekend, I'm going to try to get the Murder Mystery dinner theatre written.

And now TheCSO wants to play scrabble. I wish all of y'all a Happy New Year, full of friends who don't mind your eccentricities.


*Someone was talking to me and then said "well, I'd better go socialize" and went upstairs to silently watch the movie. I really don't understand the dynamics of movie parties.


Paul Oakley said...

Happy New Year, full of friends who don't mind your eccentricities.

New Year's wishes don't get any better than that, CC. Thanks! Hearty wishes of the same to you!

DairyStateDad said...

What Paul said. Thank you for sharing yourself with us in these pages. And best wishes for 2010.

TogetherBeth said...

Thanks for being one of those who doesn't seem to mind my eccentricities! Perfect sentiment.

kimc said...

What Paul said.

Our good friends who don't mind our eccentricities are moving to Mexico for six months at the end of January. Darn.