Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CC is mopey and a little bored.

Say something interesting.


Lilylou said...

Check out the "unread books" meme at my house and Earthbound Spirit's house. Might be worth a few laughs. Or something.

Joel Monka said...

You're too young to really feel this one, but I bet you smile.,0,1036393.blurb

epilonious said...

You have an adorable car that I desperately want to drive and play with.

Seriously... when I visit sometime before the end of the year, 40% of it will be to play with the Smart.

Robin Edgar said...

Did you ever hear the saying, "Be careful what U*Us ask for lest U*Us get it" CC? ;-)

British journalist and documentary film maker Ron Jonson has recently aired a TV documentary about U*Uism's answer to Dr. Death. Meet Reverend Death aka Rev. George Exoo. Here's a clip. U*Us be the judge. . .

Robin Edgar said...

Oops! Somehow messed up the HTML on the second link to this Guardian article about Reverend Death.

Come to think of it CC. . . If you are more than just a little bit mopey and bored maybe Rev. George Exoo will see fit to offer his services to you. ;-)

PG said...

Re: the mopiness, be assured that no matter how much you worry about the quality of your legal writing, it will never be as crap -- as cheesy, sophomoric, patronizing, unrealistic and all around pathetic -- as this Note published by the Harvard Law Review.

Chalicechick said...


I made it about three pages in, and I should mention that as a law student who likes Victorian novels, I have higher-than-average tolerance for dull reading.

Though I am working on my write-on, writing even really good notes isn't really the goal.

My dream is to write like this guy.

Robin- I didn't watch the video, but I read the article. What a strange man. I don't draw the line between physical and mental pain that the other right-to-die folks do, but Exoo certainly seems odd.

At the same time, I'm confused by Ronson's shock that Exoo didn't try to talk people out of it. I would think that by the time they call Exoo, they are past the point where a stranger trying to talk them out of it would work.

And it certainly doesn't seem like Exoo goes around offering his services to people, looks to me like they seek him out knowing very well what he is and what he does. Morally, I don't have an issue with the guy, legally I have no idea what to do with assisted suicide.

Epilonious- The car does help.

Joel- You got your smile.

Ms. Kitty- Last time I stole a meme from you, I ended up in a waiting room for all enternity. But I may chance it again.


Robin Edgar said...

You and other U*Us might want to enter into a genuinely free and responsible search for the truth and meaning of Rev. George Exoo's "mission" that includes watching the videos before deciding that you don't have an issue with him morally CC. There is little question that Rev. George Exoo's "mission" is morally and ethically questionable when you look into it a bit further. I have found a couple of clips from the documentary video on YouTube and have embedded them in this Emerson Avenger blog post.

Chalicechick said...

The material in the videos is pretty much all in the Guardian article. I'm not sure why I had to watch the video too.

It sounds like he mainly kills people who have already gone to a great deal of trouble to die. They've asked other organizations for help and been turned away, etc.

If they are so determined to die, why wouldn't it be ethical to help them? Is it more ethical to let them give themselves brain damage attempting but not quite doing the deed?

You and I have talked before about the dangers of diagnosing people whom one hasn't met. I'm not terribly impressed with the psychologist who decided that Exoo gets off on it without meeting Exoo. Indeed, the documentary in general seems to work a little too hard to show us how evil he is. (Could they show those scary-looking lizards one more time?)

The second clip barely mentions George. I don't like George's choice of assistants, but the assistant makes it clear that George doesn't share her nastier motives. At the same time, it certainly sounds like the New Zealand woman went to a great deal of trouble and expense to get assistance in doing herself in. I'm not sure why you think she would have needed encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you ever get around to seeing the finale of ANTM? I just watched the last two episodes last night. I was happy with the final 3 (tho still wondering what happened to my early favorite, Claire), and the final two, and even the final one, when it really came down to it. It was a tough call.

Chalicechick said...

Claire was really good at looking edgy, but not good at any other look and got kicked off.

Yeah, I saw the finale the night it aired. I was OK with the winner, though I would have been ok with any of the final three winning.