Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Odd housemate conversations

CC: I wonder if any of my pals will be at the Anti-War rally at the end of the month.
Our-hero-Charlie-the-Vanquisher: Anti-War? Ha! I know how to end the war. Say that unless the insurgents surrender, we will nuke Mecca...
TheCSO: Like, Mecha Godzilla? Wouldn't he survive the blast?

thinking, "maybe you had to be there..."


TheCSO said...

Actually, I was talking about MeccaGodzilla. MechaGodzilla's in Japan, everyone knows that!

Anonymous said...

I thought one of the fundamental beliefs of terrorists is that Americans are weak. I don't think they'd believe the threat. So we'd have to follow up on it, and it would be very difficult to get Mecca and the surrounding areas cleared of people.

That sort of thing is fun to say, but it tends to mask the real complexity involved even in the most rightwing solution.

Chalicechick said...

I think he was kidding.


Anonymous said...

Ah, OK. Lots of people aren't.

James Andrix said...

I think we could actually gain something from having some chatter about it, and then stating uneqivocably that we won't do it.

If we played it right, (though at this point it would be hard to do,) we could paint ourselves as defenders of Mecca.
I think we could play up that this fighting is destabilizing the region and could ultimately lead to fighting in the holy land.
If Saudi Arabia were threatened, we will protect our interests, we may as well start spinning it now.

Side Note to Kim:
I think Blogger puts a time limit on any given word verification image. Usually it takes too long to type a post, so the image has expired by the time you submit. I don't even try on the first image unless my post was very short.
Then again, I've tried posting this three times, so who knows what the problem was!