Friday, January 05, 2007

Is this the best damn season of CSI ever, or what?

I've got a lot going on and I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to blog about something more interesting than TV.

If I were, I would mention that two Episcopal churches in my area have broken off to join the Nigerian Anglican church. I mean, those churches accepting the leadership of an African-run denomination seems pretty amazing. I guess sometimes homophobia is stronger than racism.

But again, the last scence of CSI tonight left me gaping at the television.



Bill Baar said...

I have a hard time calling it homophobia.

I don't see how one can support same sex marriage and be a Christian. I can't quite see how one can square those things.

Now, my experience with Christian Churches, was they had plenty of Gays.... the same guys who would exclude my Church from the Community Council of Churches because we weren't Christians.

I never called them Pagan Phobics over it.

Anonymous said...

Bill -- there's so much wrong with what you said, I wouldn't know where to begin. Maybe some Christian will take the time to defend Christianity from your warped view of it.
Welcome to the Church of Consumer Hedonism. Just believe what the corporate shills tell you.

Joel Monka said...

Kim, this is a side issue, but what do corporate shills have to do with gay marriage, Christianity, OR CSI?

Christine Robinson said...

I think God is moving in very mysterious ways with the Episcopalians.

Jamie Goodwin said...

I usually refrain from commenting on comments on other peoples blogs but in this case, I simply had too.

Bill, I cannot disagree more with your assertation that Christians cannot support same sex marriage.

Besides the biblical errors and misrepresentations of the 3 or 4 verses modern Christians hold up as "evidence" that Christianity cannot support homosexuality or same sex marriage - what is more important is that Jesus' message was of Love, Tolerance, and Faith.

He also was the first to call for a seperation of church and state, and gave us the greatest commandment. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

With that kind of teacher and leader, personally, I cannot see how one could not support same sex marriage and be a Christian.

As far as Pagan-phobes, that is what they are after all, afraid of a faith they do not understand. Go ahead and call 'em that

Anonymous said...

Joel -- It's propaganda that makes people believe that only the very right-wing bible literalists are "the Christians". Propaganda may be written by some back-room guys, but it's propagated by the corporate media. News media have been very complicit in spreading the impression that the christianists are the Christians.
Beyond that, the reference to "Consumer Hedonists" is from a sermon by Doug Muder. Check it out:

LaReinaCobre said...

I still have plenty of work to do addressing my own homophobia. I have some sympathy for Christians who feel they have to prove Christianity supports sexualities outside of the heteronormative. I don't believe the faith and practices of Jesus are homophobic, but I do believe that Christianity - the bundle of 2000 years of tradition and scholarship - is homophobic.

Speaking of bundles - do you think, CC, that Sara is expecting one? Hmmm!!! Either that, or she was wearing a really hideous shirt she didn't want Grissom to see.

This fall was the first time I ever watched CSI (the original - and the bes) consistently. And wow - what a great season it has been! I picked the right time to move into a household with On Demand!

Is the season over? Or will it be on next week with a new episode?

Right now, CSI and House Hunters are the two shows I watch!

Also, don't you think something is up with Sara? Hmm. A little bundle of joy perhaps?