Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two things that disgust CC

A televangelist is getting sued for telling the world that her brother's throat cancer was healed by God. The man is now dead, but her book is still being advertised by her site:

the volume is still on sale through her website (price $15) under the blurb: "How God healed her of breast cancer and her brother healed from throat cancer"

Armed and Famous a new reality show where celebrities are trained as police officers. As one observes on "Cops," no knock raids make great television. I wonder how long it will take for them to have the celebrities participate in one. Shaq did, after all



Comrade Kevin said...

Think, as best you can, about the idea of the Prime Directive.

A geek metaphor, but bear with me.

In Star Trek, the idea of Starfleet is based upon the idea of The Prime Directive.

When approached by less evolved life-forms, only engage them if forced. Resort to confrontation and violence as a means of absolute last resort.

Understand that some of them will understand your motives.

Understand that some of them will use your motives against you.

So long as there are human beings, there will always be poor. So long as there are human beings there will always be inequality.

The key is knowing what you can change, versus what you must leave alone.

Jamie Goodwin said...

I think I know but... are disgusted by the Televangelists false claims or by the law suit.. or both?