Monday, January 15, 2007

Last year's Chaliceblog -- A retrospective


The ChaliceBlog's big news in January was the infamous Fix UUism Contest where I solicited suggestions from all over the blogosphere for ideas for improving the UUA. The theory was that we would eventually vote and present our ideas in some formal manner.

Unfortunately, while people were enthused to make suggestions, only seven people cared enough to actually VOTE. So I quietly abandoned the idea and didn't discuss it further.


I wrote a lot of posts about the death of my friend Margaret, of which Thoughts one has looking through a book of Renoir paintings in the waiting room of a hospice as a close friend gets her morphine drip changed was probably the most interesting.

Also, in The Harvard Club wants me, oh yeah, they know they do I wrote about how Harvard Divinity School has spontaneously decided I'm an Alum.

I wrote about humor and religion in Making fun of other faiths, making fun of mine.

Also, I realized that I was giving the wrong impression in Odd Happenstance of the Day

April was a really good blogging month. I wrote about what it means to exploit tragedy in Flight 93: Is it too soon? and wrote about my mixed reaction to YRUU drug education in It's like OWL, except with drugs! and I pondered the question of whether sociopaths have souls in Everything Breaks Down at Sociopathy

Also, I gave a long answer to a difficult question from a YRUU kid, and formulated my opinon on the 2006 Peacemaking resolution in How can you be a UU and kill people?


I kicked off May by pondering El Cinco de Mayo in So what were we celebrating, anyway? I wrote about some of my experiences when I hiked around India in college in A post about books becomes a post about India. I reviewed Frozen a play about sociopathy that I saw with my mother in Frozen on Mother's Day

June began with a narrative post entitled Of Courage and Beestings. I wrote about couples who are bad for one another in Poison for Each Other, Passion for Each Other. Also, I covered GA extensively with UUGA06: Boom Shaka Laka! as one of my more interesting posts. Wrapping up the month was Christianity doesn't really work for me, a slightly delayed reaction to the Lord debate.

I wrote a peice of commentary on trying to visit a friend in the hospital entitledWhen the Black-Haired Nurse wants to know how close a friend you are. I explained the roots of a long-held antipathy of mine in What IS it with CC and Hippies

I stuck up a first draft of a law school personal statement, titling it Unhealthily Obsessed with Justice. I ended up going a different direction with the personal statement, but it was still a fun peice of writing.

Maybe I'm getting picky, but nothing I wrote in September really rocks my world. That may have something to do with the fact that I took the LSAT on September 29.

Joel at CUUMBAYA asked people to come up with an explanation of how a UU Church differs from a Star Trek fan club that does charity work, I really liked my response UUs Vs. Trekkies: Who's a Religion? And I ranted on a long-held pet peeve with If you've just joined your new faith, nobody cares what you think of your old one.

I wrote about Halloween in the Notorius C.C. I reviewed a novel with UU characters in CC reviews Beginner's Luck.

I usually don't write much in December. but I did write An Unbeliever on Christmas Eve, which I thought was pretty good.


epilonious said...

Overall, a wonderful blogging year

Anonymous said...

It was a good year!


indrax said...

I always feel weird about voting when 'I' am on the ballot.