Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Ordinary Time" is a really good blog.

Mary-who-Dances once did a really good sermon on the concept of Ordinary Time.

To those not hip to the Christian calendar, ordinary time is the time when Christians aren't preparing for any particular season. Technically, the phrase comes from "Ordinal time" because in your higher-church churches those weeks are numbered.

I kind of like intrepreting the phrase as "regular time" myself.

Anyway, my fondness for the phrase led me to click on a link to a blog called Ordinary Time and I was quite impressed. The Christianity itself isn't pariticularly my thing, but I do appreciate the quality and thoguhtfulness of the writing.

Y'all should check it out.


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fausto said...

Hey, I see that not only is our own Sean Parker Dennison a contributor, but so is LutheranChik, one of my favorite pals (though under a different moniker) at Beliefnet!

Talk about the interdependent Web...