Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CC gets a new housemate

Victoria was born about 1:00 yesterday afternoon weighing in at 7.4 pounds.

She is a very serious baby who looks like a judge. CC has nicknamed the baby "Her Honor" for which CC has not yet been harmed, or even spoken to sharply. Mother and baby are doing well, father is the happiest man on the planet.

CC got to hold the baby for an hour or so yesterday evening and found herelf thinking "I would bail you out of jail. Multiple times."

According to a brief web search, she shares her birthday with Dorothy Parker, Norman Schwarzkopf, Carl Yastrzemski, Tori Amos and the chick who played Pussy Galore.



Chalicechick said...

That's why identified her by achievement rather than name.


Anonymous said...


PeaceBang said...

Please welcome Small Victoria for me. And oh my god, if she has a trillionth of Miss Dorothy Parker's wit, she will rule the world. Or at least mine. Mazel tov.