Friday, April 01, 2005

What Politics Professionals talk about in the bar after work.

This is a reenactment of a conversation Ed-who-Cooks and I had:

CC: (Noting Congressman Michael Simpson) Whoa. Wouldn't it suck if you were named "Homer Simpson" and you wanted to run for Congress?

Ed: Would it?

CC: I mean if you didn't change your name people would make fun of you, and if you did and the papers found out, you'd REALLY get made fun of.

Ed: I think you're discounting the importance of the crucial Simpsons voting bloc. People who watch the Simpsons, you know, they're smart and they have money. It's a good demographic.

CC: Right, but would that translate to votes?

Ed: Oh hell, yeah. Are you kidding? I'd vote for a DEMOCRAT named "Homer Simpson"

CC: Well, they do say that name recognition is sometimes the most important factor in a local campaign.

Ed: That's true. That's completely true!

CC: And I bet that being named "Homer Simpson" is instant average Joe appeal.

Ed: Wow. I think we’ve just figured out how John Kerry could have won the election.

Yes, such conversations are stupid, but looking back on it, I think of how baby lions play at pouncing on one another before learning to hunt.

I have questions about if I'm cut out to be a lion.

But it was a good conversation.



Anonymous said...

Hi CC- great blog! Your mentioning politicians and lions in the same breath reminded me of a joke I heard when I worked in the legislature: two politicians are hiking in the woods when they notice that they're being stalked by a mountain lion. One of the politicians immediately stops, opens his backpack, pulls out a pair of running shoes, and begins taking off his clunky hiking boots. "Don't be ridiculous", the second politician says, "You'll never be able to outrun that lion." "I don't have to," the first one says, pulling on the running shoes, "I only have to outrun YOU!"

Joel Monka

Chalicechick said...

Damn straight.

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