Thursday, April 14, 2005

CC's pick for Pope

First choice: Cardinal Martini, the bitchin' biblical scholar from Milan
Second Choice: Everybody except Cardinal Ratzinger.

I know, I don't get a vote. But just sayin'



Anonymous said...

They picked Ratzinger. This is quite depressing. He's so right-wing, he doesn't even think President Bush is going to heaven, because he's not Catholic.

On the glass half-full side, maybe there's an opportunities for UU's to do some recuiting among alienated Catholics.

fausto said...

I share your disappointment. It's a daunting day for women, and for public health and population control in the third-world.

In his defense, though, I think it's a misinterpretation of his Domine Iesu to allege that he thinks Bush is going to hell because he's not Catholic. I think Domine Iesu allows for the possibility of salvation outside the Catholic Church. (Of course, Bush's admission ticket to the Pearly Gates might have been invalidated for other perfectly legitimate reasons....)