Saturday, March 19, 2005

Things that make CC happy

1. Having sex, then falling asleep in her husband’s arms and staying that way all night.

2. Spending an afternoon at the art museum just wandering. Looking at art for me is a sort of mediation. I start to think about the meaning of creating things and all sorts of other stuff people think humanists don’t think about.

3. Going to her linguist friend’s house in Ohio, which is full of books, then spending a week reading, writing and cooking large meals.

4. Having a long intellectual argument with someone smarter she is and slowly, slowly losing.

5. Going back to the place where she and the CSO used to get pad thai and eating a big plate of it, then savoring the warm spiciness in her mouth all day.

6. Finding a book she has been wanting for years in a used bookstore for three bucks.

7. Doing a really good job on something at work and being everybody’s favorite around the office for a day or two

8. Page ten of the first book she’s ever read by a new favorite author. Normally by then she knows she’s going to read everything the person has ever written. Most recently happened with Elaine Pagels and Carl Hiaasen

9. When the CSO and I are in a public place and a song with a single swing beat (especially Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E” which was our wedding song) and we just can’t help dancing and we know we’re the stupid goofy couple that everyone rolls their eyes at but we just can’t help it because it feels so good to be together.

10, Writing something I really like.

Terry Schiavo can do none of those things.

"Nuff said.


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jfield said...

Your list is so evocative and wonderful to me. I rather wish it was not connected to the point you are making (though I agree with the argument).