Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Freedom vs. Diversity

To me the freedom vs. diversity distinction is crucial to whining minimization.

"Diversity" demands that every person be accepted and catered to by the larger group, and any larger group can be blamed for not keeping everybody happy. After all, if the minorites aren't happy, then clearly the group is not properloy diverse.

"Freedom" says "yes, you can have a barn, but you have to build it first' and puts the onus on the individual. Where it belongs.

And I think we see the end product of making "diversity" a goal every time a gay couple who was attracted to UUism because of our pro-gay marriage politics leaves because they just don't jibe with us theologically.

Do I think that if we're doing UUism right african-americans, transgendered people, etc will show up?

Of course.

But they will be the right ones.


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