Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An Oasis of Normal

Everything is exactly the same at my office. No one has any idea.

It's not that they don't know I'm from McLean and have twin brothers named Oliver and Jason. It's that in an office full of Republicans, people don't read the Post.


Ps. Thanks for the emails, kids.


fausto said...

What do they read, The World According to Moon? Or do they simply get all their news from Shepherd Smith, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity?

Sounds to me as though your office full of Republicans are willing participants in GWB's "we create our own reality" way of encountering the world. I'm not sure "an oasis of Normal" is an appropriate description for that, however much of a relief it may be to be able to escape your own difficult personal reality right now.

Chalicechick said...

Mostly from television I assume.

One day, I will probably feel social responsibility and leave and go fundraise for the good guys,

But for now?

Paycheck don't bounce,
Chalicechick don't care.

think of it this way: I'll make all my rookie mistakes working for Republicans and go work for Democrats and be REALLY good at it.