Friday, February 04, 2005

UU blog reviews: Vigorous Discussions

This was a week of lots of vigorous discussions.

After lots of vigorous discussion the votes are in and we have winners in the UU blog awards.

There’s a vigorous discussion about rejection of organized religion going on at peacebang Oh, yeah, and Philocrites gets its ads read.

Meanwhile, at Phil's Little Blog on the Prarie Phil is solving some of the problems that the folks at Peacebang are talking about.

At Boy in the Bands , Scott Wells seems to be trying to inspire vigorous discussion on churches that haven't registered in the last few years.

Checking out the statistics, I found that Katy-the-Wise has a nice big church. As well she should.

Ibeth is being profound again.

At MyIrony, Chutney is trying to start a well-deserved vigorous discussion on the fate of the King center. The place of a legacy is always a strange question. Is Martin Luther King's legacy his family's? Ours?

Take it up with Chutney.

Let's keep Sean from Ministrare and his congregation in our thoughts and prayers.

Now, go and discuss! Vigorously!

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