Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Braided lives

So I’ve realized why The CSO and I can never divorce,.


You see, The CSO hates one thing more than just about anything else: ATM fees. He will walk seemingly miles out of the way to avoid paying that extra three bucks.

In a marginally-related note, I have sort of sensitive skin and I’m always getting chapped lips.

And I’m kind of disorganized. I loose my lip stuff all the time.

So we have this informal arrangment.

Instead of paying ATM fees when he can’t find an ATM owned by his bank, The CSO goes to a drugstore, buys a tube of chapstick and gets cash back. The chapstick is cheaper than the ATM fee, so he saves money. And he gives the cahpstick to me. I put it on my chapped lips and put a tube back in my purse, hoping I won't lose it before I have another.

Thus ATM fees, chapped lips and disorganization are all defeated.

Surely two people whose lives align this neatly can never divorce.



fausto said...

You're not supposed to be thinking about stuff like that already.

Chalicechick said...

I know. It's just that two close friends of ours, who seemed pretty great for each other, are divorcing.

The CSO and I are fine, but it makes me want to seek reasons why we're solid.