Saturday, February 26, 2005

Fell asleep at the computer

Ok, it's a laptop computer, so I technically fell asleep on the couch, but I still have a creepy suspicion that this is a new low.

Tongiht, I spent too much time at a bar with Boston Whitney and Utah Whitney and the-belle-of-Charlotte.

Tomorrow, I have nothing planned. Sunday, I have church, a ballet with Ridiculously Accomplished Abby, an alumni thing and my college and watching the academy awards with Jennifer Beautiful.

But I have an incredibly busy week at work coming up, so maybe I will not go to the ballet. Or leave early from the Academy Awards. Or something.

Did you know that a person can get arrested for running a stop sign and turning thr wrong way down a one-way street? My brother can. But come to think of it, he hates police officers and does not speak respectfully to them, so that probably
explains it right there. Whether this comes down to cops are too impressed with their own authority or my brother sucks is up to you, I'll accept either explanation.


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