Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Awesome Day!

Awesome Day is the official holiday of the Chaliceblog. I invented it when I found out that four things happened on August 16:

-Elvis died

-Madonna was born

-Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got married.

-TheGnome was born

So I decided to deem August 16 "Awesome day" to commemorate its significance as an important day in the lives of so many awesome people. For me, it's a day to look around at the world and focus on the good things.

I've had a counter up on my blog since last August 16. I was going to do a day full of posts about awesomeness and awesome things today. But then last week my Dad fractured his arm in multiple places and I spent some time at the hospital, and theCSO and I decided to teach ZombieKid and theGnome to play Dungeons and Dragons and my brother created a bunch of family drama and, well, I forgot.

But I did remember before it was over at nine p.m. For what it's worth, I spent many hours of today at theGnome's birthday party, where I refereed little children, swam until I was exhausted and made theCSO a seriously wonderful pair of tie-dyed purple socks. I had Thai food for dinner with my husband, and now I'm updating my blog.

The easy way to write this would be to say that the most awesome thing about awesome day was forgetting it and living my happy life with my great friends. But I do have some regret about being so in the moment, and glad I have a chance to spend at least the last few hours thinking about how lucky I am to live the life that I live.

So today, or tomorrow, or someday, take a minute in honor of the little holiday I spent a year planning and almost forgot, and think about what's great about your life, all the good people you know and the prettiest view you've ever had looking out a window. Think about your favorite painting, your favorite food and snuggling up in your favorite place with your favorite book. Think about the best quality that your least favorite person has and something wonderful about the worst time of your life.

Here's hoping that looking at the good will help us think about what is true, just and beautiful in the world already, and appreciate truth, justice and beauty when we see it.

I wish you a Happy Awesome Day, and a Happy year until the next one.



Joel Monka said...

This blog is one of the good things I enjoy every day.

PG said...

What Joel said.

I didn't know DeGeneres and de Rossi had gotten married the same day that I did. That will be a cool thing to mention if I ever meet them :-)

In honor of CC's wishes for this day, I will do my best to think about the great aspects of my job, and not the project I'm on now which is insanely dull and demanding and forcing me to miss CC's event this coming Saturday as well as curtailing anniversary celebration this past weekend :-(

L said...

Scientists say that people who feel gratitude for things in their life are the happiest.

I think Awesome Day is a great holiday. I will try to remember it every year.