Thursday, August 27, 2009

The awesomeness of Wawa

There's a Wawa outside of DC off of 95. When I was visiting theCSO at school I would always stop there, and indeed, we still stop there anytime we're going down 95. One time some seven years ago, I stopped there and noticed a Goodwill across the parking lot. I decided to pop in to the Goodwill and get a tank top since the day was warming up.

I found my wedding dress at that Goodwill for $150.

Thanks, Wawa.

The Washington Post also recognizes the greatness that this convenience store of the Gods represents and has written about it.


Ps. The story mentions a couple who loved Wawa so much they got married in one. That couple is not us. Though we did once joke about having our wedding reception in a palatial rest stop in Dinwiddie County, VA.


Heather said...

My fellow seminarians called the Princeton Wawa simply, "the Wa."

kimc said...

What's a Wawa?

PG said...

Is Wawa only recently becoming more popular in Virginia? I don't remember having seen them there when I lived in NoVA (though the Sheetz that's the last cheap gas stop on 29N leaving C'ville is well-beloved to me), so the first WaWa I remember going into was in Delaware 3 years ago.

Chalicechick said...

This Wawa is on the way to Richmond. I think NoVA has a few of them, but the one in Fredericksburg is the one closest to my heart.

HSofia said...

Never seen/been to/or heard of a Wawa.

DairyStateDad said...

To those who asked: Wawa is a convenience store chain in portions of the east, mostly southeastern Pa. (where I grew up). Fond memories of my late teen years -- heading to Wawa for Tastykake krimpets and a birch beer before hanging out down at the creek with my buddy to talk about life, the universe and everything...

Chalicechick said...

Also, Wawas have really good food. I know that's weird in a gas station but they do. Their sandwiches are better than subway and they have fresh salads and tasty wraps.

And they have spotless bathrooms. Their business model seems to be that they want drivers to think to themselves "I need gas/food/a bathroom. Better look for a Wawa"

This works in my car. (When I'm driving someplace that has Wawas)

who will, if she's hungry or needs a bathroom, pay a little more for gas to stop at a Wawa because she knows that it won't suck. Thus the success of the business model.